Let’s Configure LDP Simpler Way on Cisco!

LDP Topology

Today, we will explain what LDP is and how it is configured in large network in simpliest way. In previous post, we have examined how MPLS topology works. In MPLS network, two LSR devices should agree about labels in order to forward the traffic according to labels. So there are

Fundementals of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in Juniper


OSPF  is common dynamic routing protocol which  takes part in medium and large networks. To scale the network management and faster convergence  comparison to some other protocols are most important reason to use it in your network. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol which provides full knowledge of all network. Each

Consideration Recursive Loop Once Using GRE Tunnel in ISP Network

Many network administrators are familiar with using generic routing encapsulation tunnel (GRE).But only few administrators can be able to discern the danger of recursive loop in GRE. I am one of them who was not careful :) You may find many RFC on http://ietf.org/ about GRE. RFC 2784 which was derived from  RFC 1701 and