Simple Interface Counter Script with Python in Arista

In this post, I will give small sample about python scripting code for Arista devices. As you know, network engineering has been evolving to learn automation with network equipments. Many companies has started to drop CLI in devices and using automation tools to operate their devices.

Connect two Datacenters with EVPN-VXLAN in Arista


EVPN technology is improved in order to eliminate some limitations of VPLS. RFC7432 gives large details of Ethernet Virtual Private Network. EVPN simply provides to carry mac address table in network environment from PE router to another PE routers, which are called here VTEPs.To do this, there are some requirements

Do You Know What VXLAN is and How it Works?

Vxlan Topology

VXLAN is virtual extensible local area network. As you guess from definition, you can extend a VLAN  via VXLAN technology. We will touch on  extension mechanism in this post and why VXLAN is needed in nowadays network topologies. VXLAN is introduced in RFC7348. Nowadays, virtualization takes important role in order to give