Let’s Dive into MPLS Network! Do you Know How Your Branches are Connected?

MPLS Topology

Today, we will examine  MPLS and we will build simple MPLS network. MPLS means Multi Protocol Label Switching. It has several RFCs but I suggest you to read RFC3031 and RFC3032 to understand its architecture.You can use many applications  with the aid of MPLS like layer 3 MPLS  VPN which are used for

Do You Know What VXLAN is and How it Works?

Vxlan Topology

VXLAN is virtual extensible local area network. As you guess from definition, you can extend a VLAN  via VXLAN technology. We will touch on  extension mechanism in this post and why VXLAN is needed in nowadays network topologies. VXLAN is introduced in RFC7348. Nowadays, virtualization takes important role in order to give

What is Indeed Traceroute?

I have realized that  some simple routing problems started to be not solved easily and not clearly understood by my technical friends in our company. Because of that, I decided to explain what traceroute  means in order to help them.The reason I chose to add "Indeed" in my headline is that traceroute protocol is a

Fundementals of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in Juniper


OSPF  is common dynamic routing protocol which  takes part in medium and large networks. To scale the network management and faster convergence  comparison to some other protocols are most important reason to use it in your network. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol which provides full knowledge of all network. Each